Photo Praise

"Thank you is just not enough! They are so fun and show little L's personality. "

"Thank you! They turned out cute despite their best efforts."

"Oh my goodness.. they turned out fabulous! You are amazing! I love them! Thank you so so much! I don't think this child will ever step into a mall for a photo sessions ever in her life! W and L lived there.. but man.. you are the best!"

"They are just wonderful and we are very pleased with them!!!! Thank you again soooo much! I love the pictures soo much. "
Sarah & Devin

"Thanks Chalice...Those pictures are fabulous...;) They're WONDERFUL!!!!! Thank you so much, Chalice. You are awesome! "
Kelley and Jon

"I must say you did a fabulous job on the L family"

"I truly believe that you have been given a gift from Heavenly Father to capture the beauty that He see's in His children.
Thank you so much for helping capture the love of family and friends at our daughter's send off party. Anyone who wasn't able to attend can see the story of the day through your photo's. Thanks for capturing that for us!"

"WOW! Thanks so much! We love what we see so far and can't wait to see the rest! T said she wants to be a model....... I'm sure she'll want to take a picture on every rock she can find from now on!! LOL! I LOVE the one of her along the fence. Again, Thank you!"

"I LOVE THE PHOTOS!!! You really are a doll and so talented. I can't believe you were able to capture our family the way you did. We are all so different but we all love each other and I feel like your photos really brought that out. I have never seen my family look so great. I am thrilled with the whole process, start to finish, and your price was perfect. I feel like I'd like to do these more often and not wait so long next time."

"Thanks so much, the photos turned out beautifully."
Karla & Brianna

"I just peeked at the blog! The pictures of S are precious. I love the one of them on the bench too....she and A appear to be having a moment! You would never guess she was such a fuss bucket! Fantastic work my friend, you have quite a gift!"

"They are awesome!! Thank you so much for getting them done so quickly. Everyone was able to have them before they left and are all happy with them. Heather is happy with the pics you did of taryn. thanks again!"

"Thank you so much! We love the pictures! You really captured the boys especially. I've been looking through them all and am having a really tough time deciding."

"Thank-You, the photo's they came out great (Very Classy). The compliments are pouring in thanks to you."

"They all look GREAT! I have to admit, the one of him winking is cute!"

"You did a FANTASTIC job with our pictures! You were so patient and kind and went out of your way to ensure our family received beautiful photos. Thanks so much!"

"Yeah, I’ve been looking at your site for hours a day, maybe not hours, but I’m loving it!!"

"Thank you for taking your time and taking all those pictures of my family. They all turned out so cute!! I can't decide which ones I'm gonna hang on the wall!! I might have to have a whole big huge wall full of pictures!!You're awesome!!"

"words can't say how special these photos are to me. . .thanks just doesn't seem to touch it"

"I am loving them!!! Oh my gosh. You did such a great job at capturing their personalities. I know they were a handful, but they still turned out beautifully… so kudos to you. What a great photographer you are!!!!! I LOVE that one in Abby’s onesie. She was just testing the lighting, right? It is adorable!!!! Thank you so much."

"Oh Chalice, I just looked at the blog and the pics are sooooooo cute! I am so excited. Thanks! I can't wait to see them all!"

"These pictures are amazing and so beautiful! They capture the natural love between a mother and child as well as the innocence of a newborn. Chalice was so patient and just wonderful! Thank you so much these pictures are awesome!"

"Wow - the pictures look really good. Thank you..."

"Thank you so much! My future mother in law cried when she saw the ones on your blog and immediately demanded to know how to get copies!"

"The pictures of your family and the girls on the grass are amazing! The color is so vibrant and you all, of course, look so beautiful and happy."
Sara (of Jenessa's family)

"The pics look great! Thanks so much. I really like the ones of J and the family ones look good too!

"The pictures look great, thanks! I was worried none of them would turn out with 3 boys that never smile and look at the same time. "

"Yes it was hot but very fun! They look really good I cant wait to see them all. Thank you SO much!"

"AMAZING! The pictures are absolutely amazing!! Thank you so much for such beautiful made it so much fun on top of it all!!! Thank you again."
Erin and Alex

"Thank you so much. We love them!"

"I love the pictures and the Father's Day card. Thank you for the work you put into all of this."

"Just as I expected, they are terrific!! I am never ceased to be amazed by the expressions you catch. Thanks again!!"

"Wow… I don’t know how you do it. Thanks again for doing it!! The kids had such a good time also."

"These are beautiful pictures Chalice. :)"


To all my clients:

My awesome husband is nearing the end of his time as a graduate student. With that means a possible move out of the Phoenix area. I hope to keep up with any news or updates. Baby plans will be honored.

Thank you so much for letting me be part of your lives!