A little about me

photo by Sarah Goodman Photography
I see life in pictures. There is nothing like opening your eyes and seeing how pieces and parts of the world around you look as pictures. I love taking those images and adding you to them. As a natural light photographer, I help you capture the light of your life moments.

I am a mother of three precious children, two forth graders and a first grader. I love to capture their personalities as they grow. Seeing their eyes delight when they see themselves in photos are some of the best moments--they remember this trip to Grandma's or that trip to see Mickey. All are precious to me as they grow. While I can't be with your family each day you grow, I do want to help you capture some of the highlights from anticipating your littles to arrive, to their fresh newness to their toddling to their teens to their wedding days.

As a wife of a doctorate student, I know the value of the dollar and hope to give you the joy of capturing some moments together at an affordable price so you can capture them more often.

I look forward to meeting you and your family and making a life long friendship with you.


To all my clients:

My awesome husband is nearing the end of his time as a graduate student. With that means a possible move out of the Phoenix area. I hope to keep up with any news or updates. Baby plans will be honored.

Thank you so much for letting me be part of your lives!